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WP1 Management & Coordination
1.1 Preparation Activities
1.2 Project coordination and technical meetings
1.3 Project management & reporting to JTS
1.4 Quality Plan Guide
1.5 Project External Evaluation
WP2 Information and Publicity
2.1 Communication and Dissemination of Results Plan
2.2 Communication package & promotional activities
2.3 Workshops
2.4 Final Event
WP3 Research and Studies
3.1 Situation analysis and typology of business patterns
3.2 Human resources needs of fashion industries and job profiles
3.3 Expertise in developing sectoral qualifications certification system
3.4 Analysis of competences and obstacles for employee mobilization
WP4 Supporting Tools and Structures
4.1 Establishment of HR Help Desks
4.2 Development of Services Programme in HR Help Desks.
4.3 Production of Guide
4.4 Development of electronic database/ portal - Matching tool
WP5 Pilot application and e–learning actions
5.1 Pilot advisory actions from Heldesks
5.2 Educational material
5.3 E-learning tool

E-learning seminar

5.4.1 E-learning seminar for executives in the fashion sector

5.4.2 E-learning seminar for specialized educators in the fashion sector

WP6 Business Matchmaking and Career Days
6.1 Partenariat in HR for stakeholders
6.2 Career Days
6.3 E-partenariat