Project Methodology

The project is divided in six well defined and structured work packages (WPs). The Work Packages and related actions are:


WP1 Management & Coordination
1.1 Preparation Activities
1.2 Project coordination and technical meetings
1.3 Project management & reporting to JTS
1.4 Quality Plan Guide
1.5 Project External Evaluation
WP2 Information and Publicity
2.1 Communication and Dissemination of Results Plan
2.2 Communication package & promotional activities
2.3 Workshops
2.4 Final Event
WP3 Research and Studies
3.1 Situation analysis and typology of business patterns
3.2 Human resources needs of fashion industries and job profiles
3.3 Expertise in developing sectoral qualifications certification system
3.4 Analysis of competences and obstacles for employee mobilization
WP4 Supporting Tools and Structures
4.1 Establishment of HR Help Desks
4.2 Development of Services Programme in HR Help Desks.
4.3 Production of Guide
4.4 Development of electronic database/ portal - Matching tool
WP5 Pilot application and e–learning actions
5.1 Pilot advisory actions from Heldesks
5.2 Educational material
5.3 E-learning tool
5.4 E-learning seminar
WP6 Business Matchmaking and Career Days
6.1 Partenariat in HR for stakeholders
6.2 Career Days
6.3 E-partenariat


"Management and Coordination" is the first one and it covers financial, technical and operational management as well as quality monitoring and evaluation. Second is the "Information & Publicity" WP that consists of conventional activities like the elaboration of a Communication and Dissemination of Results Plan,  production and dissemination of a multilingual communication package, production of e-newsletters and promotional activities through the mass media,  the organization of targeted workshops in Greece and Bulgaria, and an International Event. All these ensure the durability of the project, provide full presentation of its activities and give the required transnational character.
In the third WP, the first step will be the elaboration of the situation analysis regarding the business typology patterns, the recording of human resources needs and the job positions descriptions in the area for the sector.

Next, a study will be made for the matching of human resources needs of the fashion industries with the job profiles and a SWOT analysis of the structure of the vocational educational training in the project area. Third, the feasibility and maturity study for the establishment of a skills certification system for the sector will be made, followed by the categorization of the specialization in fashion industries, as well as an analysis of the businesses competences and obstacles to employee mobility. Human resources, specializations and outsourcing needs assessment will be conducted.

The main actions of the project are the next two WPs (4 & 5). In WP4 HR Help Desks will be established in the partners’ seats and antennas will be created in other locations. This action will be supported by the development of a Services Programme to facilitate HR Help Desks and the production of a Guide for all the interested parties. Also, the project portal will be developed. This portal will have an electronic database, a matchmaking tool, an info centre and will support the e-learning actions and the e-partenariat. The project portal will be linked with ACTE, EURES, EUROPASS and other similar institutions.
In WP5 the partners will conduct pilot advisory actions for skills enhancement of the human resources of the sector in the cross-border area. Educational material will be produced in conventional and electronic form and an e-learning platform will be designed and developed. These materials and systems will be tested in a pilot application which will be carried out by PP4 and PP8.
In WP6 4 partners will organize Career Days and participate in a partenariat for cross-border cooperation in order to attract 3rd countries’ stakeholders. The LP will provide and support a permanent e-partenariat with the use of the portal created in WP4.

Roles - Tasks of Partners

The project partners are the following:

LP (P1)    Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE)
P2           Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Scientists of Drama (SNEED)
P3           Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi (EBEX)
P4           Vocational Training Center ENDYSI (KEK ENDYSI)
P5           Gnosi Anaptixiaki NGO (GNOSI)
P6           Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev, Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre (BI-GD)
P7           Local Economic Development Agency – Razlog (LEDA)
P8           American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

The LP is responsible for all preparatory activities and participates in WP1, on the external evaluation and the supervision of all technical meetings. It is responsible for WP2, for the organization of the Final Event and the production part of the communication material. It will have the supervision of the 6 targeted workshops. It is appointed as responsible for WP3. It participates in WP4, WP5 and in WP6 especially on the supervision of the 4 career days and organizing the partenariat. The LP of the project is responsible for reporting to the JTS regarding the financial and operational progress of the project every 3 months. 
PP2 is responsible to organize 1 technical meeting, 1 workshop and 1 Career Day, while PP3 is responsible to organize 1 workshop and 1 Career Day. In WP3-WP6 they provide data and other material for the studies needs and the services provided. PP4 will be responsible for the reports of the training seminar (WP5), while it provides data and other inputs for the studies in WP3 and WP6. PP5 will contribute to the project with knowledge and data input to the studies (WP3). Also, it will contribute with its technical expertise to the supporting actions of WP4 and the pilot application of WP5.
PP6 will be responsible for the organization of 1 workshop and 1 Career Day. PP7 will be responsible for 1 technical meeting, 1 workshop and 1 Career Day. Both partners will contribute with data and knowledge to the studies and will participate in the pilot application and the supporting actions with the establishment of an HR Helpdesk in Bulgaria. Also, both PPs will contribute to the proposed dissemination actions. PP8 will be responsible for the organization of 1 workshop. It will, also, be responsible for the reports of the training seminar (WP5), while it provides data and other inputs for the outputs of WP3 and WP5.
All PPs will participate in all technical meetings, workshops, the partenariat and the Final Event.

Location of Activities

The project area is the Regions of Central and East Macedonia and the region of Blagoevgrad. In relation to the scope of the project, the above area is sufficient for the successful implementation and impact of results.
Regarding the distribution of activities in every region there is a balance in implementation. The technical meetings will be implemented in Thessaloniki, Drama, Gotse Delchev. The workshops are programmed in Xanthi, Drama, Mesta and Blagoevgrad. The 4 Career Days are programmed in Gotse Delchev, Drama, Mesta and Xanthi. The partenariat and the international event will take place in Thessaloniki.  Finally, the implementation of pilot training activities will be carried out in Thessaloniki and in Blagoevgrad. The HR Helpdesks will be established in Thessaloniki, Drama, Xanthi and Blagoevgrad. The networking structure and matching supply and demand of employees is expected to operate in all the areas of interest. The long-term aim of the project is the widening of the cooperation network between all partners organizations.

Information and Publicity

A detailed Communication and Dissemination of Results Plan will be elaborated after the 1st technical meeting by an expert and will be continuously revised as the work programme proceeds in order to assure proper communication with local stakeholders about project objectives, activities and achievements in each participating area. External communication will be managed by the LP, who will also be the channel for contact to the JTS.
The project’s portal will reinforce the constant communication with the local population and local stakeholders on progress and activities carried out by the project. The portal will also be used for the worldwide publication of project material and presentations of career days, workshops and the final event. The project will fund the publication of 4 e-Newsletters in English, in Greek and Bulgarian.
It is also foreseen that various informative and dissemination material (leaflets, booklets) will be available and publicity and promotion actions in the mass media will be realized (radio spots, entries in journals - newspapers, online banner campaign).
Four Career Days will take place, two in each country, aiming at the greater possible dissemination of the relevant information to the local interested parties. Finally, a Final Event will be organized in Thessaloniki to disseminate the project’s activities and results. Its proceedings and relevant material will be published and will be available also through the website.
All these activities provide full dissemination of project’s objectives activities and outputs, underline the required transnational character of it and facilitate the sustainability of the project results.